Boombah Tsunami bats are real game changers

Experience: recently had a chance to swing with each of the 2015 Boombah Tsunami slowpitch bats and can say, with a lot of confidence, these bats are game changers. Not in the sense they have any particularly unique technology that makes them stand out above the rest of performance fast-pitch pack but, instead, because they are as good as any top shelf slowpitch bat Our blog hit with at a real fraction of the price.

Boombah, you may recall from our Cannon reviews, is a direct to consumer sports gear company that makes top quality gear but, due to its direct to consumer distribution model, has remarkably competitive pricing on its stuff. In other words, if you want a great deal on a performance Slowpitch bat then the boombah site is worth checking out.

Sizing: The Tsunami line of Slowpitch bats come in three different model sizes: A drop 9, a drop 10 and a drop 12. The drop 9 is the most durable of the models and can pack the biggest punch but also requires the most strength to swing. The drop 10 is made for stronger little leaguers or highschool athletes looking to get a good combination of bat speed and power. The Drop 12 is for little leaguers who need as much help with contact and bat speed as possible.

Construction: The 2016 Boombah Tsunami Slowpitch bat, like many high end performance bats, is of two piece wood construction. Unlike many other bats, however, it has an endloaded feel in the barrel giving it a higher swing weight. The barrel is 13 inches. The handle is also wood and made to withstand vibration for a smoother hitting experience. The grip is standard factory grip.

Other bats similar to the Tsunami from Boombah include a host of two piece wood slowpitch bats: Slugger’s Xeno, Worth’s 2 Legit, Mizuno’s Nighthawk and DeMarini’s Fatspitch CF8 are the more popular high end ones.

Recommendations: We’d recommend the Boombah Tsunami XRT line of slowpitch bats to anyone looking for a value purchase in the slowpitch performance space. These bats are constructed in the same manner as many high end Slowpitch bats but with a generally heavier swing weight. As such, consider sizing down an inch or drop to make sure you get the right size. All in all, you should have confidence in a quality stick for a fraction of the price. (Their site is the only place to buy).

CF8 Insane: A 2016 Flagship Bat from Demarini worked with a CF8 Insane handled fastpitch bat for over a year—spending several hours in the cage and on the field paying close attention to the spinning handle of Demarini’s new flagship fastpitch bat (Demarini Fastpitch CF8 Insane Price Check). Overall, as Slowpitchfastpitch said before, we are impressed with the idea in theory. Meaning: We really do think the fastpitch bat can create a more ergonomic swing allowing for a shorter distance to the point of attack. In conjunction with that “quick to” advantage, as it is often deemed, the independent rotation of the hands also allows the hitter to keep the barrel of the fastpitch bat in the zone longer or, to keep with the axiom, “long through.” This “quick to long through” approach to hitting is what good hitters use at the plate and great hitters do in their sleep. All the figures here are collected from .

In practice, on the other hand, this technology has had a tough row to hoe. A difficulty not necessarily born from the effectiveness of the technology, but from the upgrade with tradition, pricing and competition both from without (DeMarini CF8, Worth 2 Legit) and within (Demarini CF8) the company. As well, it’s pricing still makes many feel it’s impractical. We would still argue this: had the CF8 Insane come out at a price clip at or below the famed Demarini CF8 then it’s uptake would have been remarkable. But, at such a significant premium, parents and players found every reason in the world to hate it.
Yet none of those difficulties allow us to dislike the slowpitch bat technology. We still like the rotating bottom handle and can appreciate what it’s trying to accomplish notwithstanding its disruptive approach. Moreover, the 2016 Demarini CF8 Fastpitch CF8 Insane comes with the same shell shocking power and tremendous pipe of a barrel made ever so famous in the fastpitch CF8. Worst case, if you end up hating it, just tape the thing down and voila! you have a CF8. You can have a price check at

Those who are willing to become comfortable with a rotating bottom hand, are possibly new to the game and struggling with getting their hot fastpitch bat in the zone, don’t have much regard for a budget, are learning how to switch hit and/or like to have the latest and greatest may very well find the 2016 Demarini CF8 CF8 Insane fastpitch fastpitch bat their weapon of choice. Others looking to get the most bang for their buck, are confident their mechanics are currently very good or prefer a more traditional handle may need to look elsewhere.

Review 10 Best Softball Bats from Our Editors Choice

Are you worried that you are lagging behind in choosing the best softball bats because all your competitors can easily outdo you with no effort at all? Are you putting in hours of practice and yet you cannot seem to be able to match up to their game plan? Have you considered that all this may have nothing to do with your playing abilities and may be all about the kind of slowpitch softball bats that you are using? Yes, that’s right! Did you know that your bat has a lot to do with the quality of the game that you play? Just visit my new slowpitch softball bat blog at to discuss softball.

Mostly Wanted Softball Bats
Mostly Wanted Softball Bats

BSoftball slowpitch bats must be chosen with great care and they must be such that they help you play better and perform better. In fact some extra bucks are worth slowpitch bats that will actually improve your game. The best slowpitch softball bats can take you places without you having to put in those extra hours of hard work. It is high time that you opened your eyes to the fact that it is not about superior abilities or planning that keeps others ahead of you in the game, it is rather got everything to do with the bat that you choose! Easton Salvo Composite Balanced Bat is a featured bat recommended by

Moreover, choosing the best fastpitch softball bats does not mean simply walking into the b store of your choice, gazing through price tags, calculating discounts and settling for the color and price that you like the best! Before all that make sure you have made a quality check.

For certain things in life, tags and brands do matter, and your bat is one of those things! The best slowpitch softball bats are made using very modern and scientific technologies and they are the best choice simply because they help improve your own game’s techniques and do not take a toll on your efficiency like ordinary bats do! Click here to visit for more details.

Best Softball Bats 2016

Easton: with its great technology the Easton CNT bats are a dream come true. The area where the ball hits is really flexible and the bats are stronger than anyone can even imagine thanks to the nano tube technology. These bats will last you long and you will surely get value for the money that you spend! The stealth bats made by them are very popular and are a sure shot winner any day!

Demarini: the fusion of carbon and aluminum give these bats both flexibility and power and ensures a great strike rate to you. The power that these bats have will blow away your opponents and you will know that the bat that you use is a hot favorite among both players as well as amateurs!

Worth: their nano frames are the secret behind the great speed and power that their bats have! If you want the latest from them try the ‘Jeff Hall Mayhem M7’ which is the best of its kind and has even better features than the other models under Worth! However, the number of these bats is limited and so you must hurry if you really want to get that perfection in your batting!

Miken: they have recently come out with their ‘Freak’ bats which will help you take long shots at the ball and you can easily score with your shots! With an ESD the bats have great technology on their side and can make sure that the ball goes further than you can even imagine! The handle ensures you are in total control of your shot by giving you a better grip.

One of these slowpitch softball bats can bring back the glory that you are losing out on because of your worn out and out of fashion bat! Don’t settle for the cheapest bat but settle for the best bat in the market that will bring to you the technology that you really need!

The defensive pitcher, on the other hand, is normally used in most slowpitch games. Here, it is required for a thrown ball to define a curve with the highest point slightly over the batter’s head.

Because of this condition, the pitcher is made to throw the ball in such a slower pace so as to define the said curve. That is why most batters achieve considerable scores in this kind of softball.

Consequently, softball is based on this concept of hitting the ball and pitching that the score can be identified. A score can only be achieved if a player makes one complete rotation in the four bases.

Accordingly, the batter is considered out or is no longer allowed to hit the ball when he or she had accumulated three strikes, was hit by the ball or by the glove that contains the ball, the fielder touched the base even before the batter gets close to it, and when the ball hit by the batter was caught by a fielder and had not yet touched the ground.

The conditions of the ball being pitched and hit and the position of the players in the field while playing softball are all being decided by umpires. They render their decisions through the use of hand signals.

Indeed, softball is a more modern way of playing baseball. But the reason why most players appreciate softball more than the baseball game is that softball is a game that requires a combination of constant force and power at the same time use of strong mind power coupled with skills and determination. It is certainly an art playing softball.